Saturday, December 14, 2013

PORTLAND in some words. With some pics.

The thrill of scoring a dozen unique finds at the southeast Buffalo Exchange for the cost of one American Apparel sweater. Plus no sales tax! Beards. Bikes. Beards on bikes. Finding absolutely anything under one roof at Fred Meyer. DIY. Street art. Stumptown iced coffee. Everyday. Twice a day.

Exploring McMenamins Kennedy School – an old school turned adult playground. The boiler room’s a bar, detention hall is a cigar den – there’s a movie theater, restaurant, and hotel inside. Just do it. Oh, Wieden and Kennedy.

Grateful homeless. Rampant tweakers. Shingle style houses. Theme park lines for quality food. Organic’s a given. Sweet corn ice cream from Salt & Straw. Bacon maple donuts from VooDoo. Having foodgasms in the Grilled Cheese Grill school bus. Eating Kaeng Hang Leh from Pok Pok on a stranger’s stoop.

Escaping to Powell’s Books. Community. International Rose Garden. And the sweaty trek up the hill in skirts to get to it. This adorbs lil’ house on Airbnb. Poles lost to concert flyers. Kick ass food carts. Tatts. $7 beer flights at Bailey’s Tap Room. Nature loving. Urban living. Natives. Transplants. Nowhere to be. No judgments.