Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Last weekend, I was standing on the altar of a quaint Lutheran church in the small town of Hinckley, Illinois – watching one of my oldest friends walk down the aisle. Jessica and I have been close since jr. high. Not just the kind of friends you “go out” with. But the kind of friends you cry to, laugh with, don’t bother to filter your words with, watch trash TV with – do everything, do nothing with. And no matter where you're currently living, how you're employed, whatever's going on in the rest of your life – regardless of what you’re physically doing together – it’s time well spent. Somehow, with this person, watching “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on a busted set at noon is time well spent. That’s a best friend.

It makes my heart happy that she has found that rare and wonderful quality in her new husband, Matt.

The whole day was beautiful. After the wedding, like a couple of OG's, the gorgeous bride and her lucky man flew from the church in a helicopter, over farms & family members, to a decorated airplane hangar – where all the drinking, eating, dancing, and drinking that is a wedding reception took place. Between the GQ shoots on the runway, goofin' in the homemade photo booth (Yes! A homemade photo booth...I don't know either), and gettin' low with new friends on the dance floor under the stars - I'd say it was a pretty successful wedding. Thanks again, Jess and Matt, for letting me be a part of your amazing day.