Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Silent Disco Picnic

Imagine you’re driving and you see the guy in the next lane rocking out to the same song you are! You catch each other’s glance mid lip-synch to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and smile. “She took the midnight train going annyyywheeere.” Suddenly there’s a party in the middle of a stalled 405 and you’re the only two cool kids invited.

A silent disco party is kind of like that.

Main entry: Silent disco party
Part of speech: Noun
Definition: A dance party in which every attendee wears headphones tuned into the dj’s frequency
Synonym: A musical day dream with hundreds of singing and dancing extras
Antonym: Awkward silence

It sounds weird, I know, and don’t get me wrong- it is.
But it’s pretty cool at the same time.

My sistah from another mistah, Tomasa, and I recently went to a silent disco picnic party powered by Silent Storm Sound System on the rooftop of the adorable West Hollywood boutique hotel, Palihouse. We check in the lobby and pick up our headphones along with a picnic basket full of rose wine, sandwiches, cookies, water, and a blanket. Then we head up to the astro-turf rooftop for a great view of the Hollywood Hills and tons of blue sky. It’s such an impressive view that when the elevators doors opened Mas and I both let out a ‘whoa.' We stake out a little spot against the railing facing all the action, prime real estate for people watching.

Hipsters, fashionistas, punks, and preppies all mingle together playing beanbags, ping-pong, and drinking. It seems that the established couples sprawl out on blankets, first daters keep at an arm’s length distance at the picnic tables, and singles walk around from social circle to social circle with Stella in hand. There's a few winning pick-up lines. One being ‘Wait, you’re gay right?’  

The DJ is spinning everything from Top 40 to oldies to indies. 
Wine. Music. Sun. It’s the stuff weekends are made are.

The headphone idea is genius. The apartment dwellers living a stone’s throw away probably don’t even know there is a full-blown party yards above them. It’s surprisingly easy to carry out a conversation. Simply turn your volume down or position the headphones to cover one ear - acting as the accompanying soundtrack to your life just like in the movies. Having the option to opt out of the music is nice. It’s like going into that quiet bedroom in the house to grab a sweatshirt when the party’s cracking in the living room. You just want to stay in there for 30 seconds for a little peace to recharge your battery before hopping back into party mode. Another example: A pool party in Vegas. Your ears are ringing from clubbing the night before and the poolside speakers are shrieking remixes. Being able to choose something more siesta than fiesta is just what the hangover ordered.

Very, very quietly rocking out 

As the sun goes down, the music picks up along with the dancing. It’s a feel-good vibe with lots of laughs and drunkies talking loudly over the music in their heads. (Those neighbors can hear us now.) Here’s a video of the day because a party's BFF is a good photo opp.